Venere Module


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Venere module™


With this module you can make Venere cuts in the fabric. You can design the area you want to be cut with "Venere cutting" like creating an outline with Running stitch. Your embroidery machine will process the information and will cut the area you have design accordingly. Together with Venere module you will get 4 Venere cut needles.

This module requires the Basic module to be installed.

Create a New Venere designGeneral tools:

  • Edit Backdrop properties
  • Add a Bitmap or Vector image in the design as a backdrop
  • Change the entry point of the selected object
  • Change the exit point of the selected object
  • Insert special functions
  • Ability to clear transformations from objects

Node Editor

  • Delete selected Node
  • Insert Node
  • Move selected Node
  • Move tangents of Nodes
  • Make nodes Smooth
  • Make nodes Cusp
  • Convert curves to lines
  • Auto-fit highly transformed curves to object's shape
  • Add direction of stitches

Edit the selected Objects by using mouse:

  • Scale both or one of the co-ordinates (stretch)
  • Rotate of the selected objects, also by changing the rotation center
  • Slant of the selected objects, also by changing the slanting center
  • Array the selected objects

Transform selected objects by creating copy or not:

  • Move selected object with mouse or with specific number input
  • Rotate selected objects.
  • Scale selected objects, proportional or not
  • Mirror the selected objects Horizontal or Vertical

Venere cutting parameters:

  • Length
  • Fix and Locking stitches
  • Offset of the stitches according to the outline

Learn about the New Venere cutting System.


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Venere Module

Venere Module