Chenille Module


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Chenille module™


This module adds features to "Digitizing" module therefore "Digitizing" module is needed to be installed prior to "Chenille" module. With this module you can create designs with chenille stitch type easily. With the "chenille" module you can convert any object filled with any stitch type to chenille stitch type and automatically have a different variation of the embroidery file. In addition you can use the "Chain" and "Loop" special functions on any object and embroider it as chenille. Also, you can design any chenille embroidery design from scratch and send it to your machine in order to be embroidered. This module requires the Digitizing module to be installed.


General tools:

  • Ability to convert any stitch type to Chenille
  • "Loop" and "Chain" special functions are added that allow you to create chenille like objects

Chenille stitch type parameters you can adjust:

  • The Density
  • The length of stitches
  • The loop stitches Offset
  • The number of Passes
  • The number of Repeats
  • You can specify the percentage of stitch penetration point offsetting that the chain stitch will make on every Repeat
  • Whether the Chenille will have Chain stitch as Border or not
  • The Square end on the end of the Chenille



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Chenille Module

Chenille Module