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Drawings XI PRO 1h00 Setup / Training


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DRAWings PRO XI Embroidery software box

DRAWings® version XI is a multi-functional software with a fully customizable interface and an impressive list of features, designed to be used for graphics designing, textile and screen printing, embroidery, computerized quilting, crafting with cuts and stencils as well as fabric painting.

The software now works on the latest and previous version of MAC OS, compared to the release date of the software. Also, it works on Windows 7, 8 and 10 with the latest service packs installed. Now the OS (operating system) is not a limit for your creativity.

Supplied with 3 modules of Modular: Basic, Text and Editing.

DRAWings PRO XI embroidery software has been released!

Convert any photo to a beautiful PaintStitch masterpiece

Any photo can now become a beautiful embroidery design. With PaintStitch you will get photo-realistic embroidery results with the use of the advanced, patented algorithms that were implemented for this purpose. PaintStitch designs are perfect for frames, gifts and for capturing unique moments.

DRAWings PRO XI embroidery software has been released!

Automatic floral design creation

This is a new revolutionary feature which dynamically creates floral designs and fill areas to apply to your designs. You may combine this feature with your own designs and even set your own flower designs to be used by the floral creation. The combinations are unlimited.

Applique and cuts

Create designs with blended thread colors (gradient fill)

Blending colors is now possible with the new gradient fill function. By blending two or more overlapping shapes with gradient fill you can create beautiful fading color effects that change the look and feel of the design completely. You can control the gradient percentage and easily change its direction.

Create designs with blended thread colors (gradient fill)

New features

  • NEW   Works on MAC OS and on the latest Windows OS versions
  • NEW   Major redesign on the interface and software logic
  • NEW   Pre-digitized fonts included in the Lettering tool
  • NEW   Envelope on text
  • NEW   Multi-hooping support
  • NEW   Visualize the hooping process by rotating and moving the hoops
  • NEW   Split objects with the new knife cut tool
  • NEW   Create button holes automatically
  • NEW   Name drop ability
  • NEW   Complete stitch editor
  • NEW   New color management system
  • NEW   Color harmonies added for getting beautiful color combinations
  • NEW   Thread palette search ability added.
  • NEW   Auto re-ordering system
  • NEW   Build in design browser to find and organize your designs
  • NEW   Welcome page with Video tutorials
  • NEW   Set default embroidery machine and hoop
  • NEW   Set default fabric for your embroideries
  • NEW   Export stitch files that only supported from your machine
  • NEW   Many new usability improvements
  • NEW   Export to USB with the correct folder structure
  • NEW   Cross-stitch embroidery type
  • NEW   cornering method for Satin Serial objects
  • NEW   Adjustable workspace that can save your preferences
  • NEW   Cutwork tool that supports cutting needles for embroidery machines
  • NEW   Support for high DPI (resolution) monitors


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Je suis passée de Drawing 5 à DrawingXI et je reste sur ma faim... j'ai même l'impression que cette version est beaucoup moins maniable que la 5.
Des choses ont été rajouté qui ne sont pas forcément utiles et d'autres qui étaient particulièrement bien pensées et ne sont plus accessibles et encore d'autres outils qui ont été modifiés et qui sont moins manipulables qu'avant.
Franchement, on a l'impression d'avoir fait un bond en arrière.



    Drawings XI est-il comatible avec LINUX SVP , Merci



      I meant to leave 5 star review earlier but was unable to do so.



        Really happy with this software, it is the best around. It does everything I need for my embroidery designs - please don't hesitate to buy. The update is easy to install, any problems and the guys are there to help although there isn't anything I needed help with. Videos supplied are super detailed. A big THANK YOU to the creators on online help!


          Ravie !

          Alors là, on ne pouvait pas aller plus vite ! J'achète le drawings XI pro et 10mn plus tard, atelier sud m'appelle et me propose l'installation du logiciel et la formation dans la foulée. Bravo, surtout qu'avec la configuration de mon ordi, ça n'a pas été simple ! Un grand merci !



            Accueil professionnel aimable et rigoureux !
            Formation qui accompagne l’achat du logiciel Drawings top !
            J’ai hâte d’en découvrir toutes les fonctions.
            Bref HAPPY !


              Drawings XI pro

              Très satisfaite du logiciel et de la mise en route qui était pour moi un élément essentiel à l’achat de ce type de logiciel ! Durant cette petite mise en route j’ai pu voir les bases qui me donnent confiance pour me lancer sereinement dans des heures de broderie!

              Un grand merci

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                Drawings XI PRO 1h00 Setup / Training

                Drawings XI PRO 1h00 Setup / Training

                An Amazing Embroidery Software