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Editing module™


This module adds editing features to Wings' modular®! You can edit selected objects by using the mouse, change the order of the objects and create an array of a selected object or design! Also you can adjust the density of the objects and change the Satin width! You can convert Step objects to Satin objects, edit Step pattern, smooth and split stitch data objects and many more features that are listed below. This module completes the editing functionality of Wings' modular giving you the power to transform any embroidery design easily, while keeping the embroidery quality high with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) that the software has!These editing capabilities can reduce the embroidery design production and help you create high quality embroidery designs with less stitches! This module requires the Basic module to be installed.

General tools:

  • Edit backdrop properties
  • Paste in the new or current design the copied objects


  • Replace stitches
  • Split stitch objects( like those inside .dst, .pes etc. files)
  • Re-sequence objects by click and dragging the objects on the Sequence manager
  • Transform selected objects by creating copy or not
  • Move selected object with mouse or with specific number input
  • Change the Satin Width by specifying the Growth or the shrink in mm and the direction
  • Change the density of the selected objects


  • Show/hide object for easier digitizing
  • Rotate selected objects
  • Scale selected objects, proportional or not
  • Mirror the selected objects Horizontal or Vertical
  • Move outline of objects


  • Reset of density counter
  • Editing the selected objects by using the mouse:Convert Step to Satin
  • Edit Step patterns
  • Align the selected object horizontal
  • Align the selected object vertical
  • Reverse Stitches of the selected Stitch data objects
  • Smooth the Stitch data objects
  • Split the Stitch data objects by specifying lines
  • Create copy of the selected objects by reference line
  • repeat the last made modification
  • Specify if the copies of the objects will be placed at the end or after the original
  • Duplicate the whole Design
  • 2-point copy of objects

Editing the selected objects by using the mouse:

  • Scale both or one of the co-ordinates (stretch)
  • Rotate of the selected objects, also by changing the rotation center
  • Slant of the selected objects, also by changing the slanting center
  • All the above mentioned modifications can be done by creating a copy of the original Object(s) also
  • Create Rectangular and Circular Arrays/Kaleidoscopes of the selected objects
  • Drag and Drop part from one design to an other
  • Divide long stitches by specifying the length or in equal pieces


Handle open designs

  • Print the selected designs one by one or like catalogue
  • Save the selected design in the hard disk by changing their location or their format
  • Write the selected designs in machine disk. Format command is available in case it is needed
  • Close all the selected designs at once
  • 3D preview of the selected objects



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Editing Module

Editing Module